ln the last few years my oral health has greatly diminished to where I had to be mindful of everything I ate in fear of losing more teeth. With the introduction to Dr. Wesley of Lakeshore Dental lmplant Center, l have received a major life improvement. Dr. Wesley and his staff are so amazing and highly skilled. After having the All On Four procedure, I have my confidence back to give that big smile and laugh with no worries!

Mike R.


“When I met my now wife, I was so worried; because I knew she was a dental assistant. I was a confident person, but I have always hated and had issues with my teeth since I was a young boy. I have a job that requires me to be the face of the day to day operations. It was tough for me because I felt like everyone noticed my teeth. I had straight, but discolored teeth and I was missing a few. I also had a lot of cavities and infection, though no pain. Leading up to the procedure, I wasn’t nervous. I knew this was going to change my life for the better. The morning of; they were quick to get me in, and walked through the procedure again with me. When I fully woke up, I was at home and had no pain. I was very swollen and my lips were very chapped. The only pain I had was called from the discomfort of the new set of teeth.

At the moment, It has been 2 weeks since my procedure and couldn’t be happier. I finally have the teeth to match my confidence. I find myself smiling and laughing a lot more in public. The only sign that I have had work done is that I have a lisp caused from the new objects in my mouth. I read out loud every night to help with it, but this is very common with the temporary implants. It will go away with practice and with the permanent implants. I can honestly say this is the best investment I have ever made. My infection is gone, my aches have cleared up, and my confidence is back. You honestly cannot put a dollar amount on your health, both physically and mentally.”