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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Find out more about our full-mouth reconstruction services.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction


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Schedule dental fixed bridge surgery and dental implants in West Michigan

When you smile at yourself in the mirror, do you feel a burst of confidence? If not, call Lakeshore Dental Implant Center right away. We specialize in dental fixed bridge surgery and full-mouth reconstruction in West Michigan. Our lead dental implant dentist, Dr. Wesley, can help you achieve the perfect smile. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Choose a trusted dental surgeon

When it comes to dental surgery, you need a Dental Implant Dentist you can trust. Here are three reasons to make an appointment with Lakeshore Dental Implant Center located in Norton Shores, MI today:

We offer outpatient dental surgery right here in our implant center.

We pride ourselves on our personalized service.

We provide sedation, so you'll be comfortable during the surgery.

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If you’re ready to show off your new and improved smile, get in touch with us. Schedule an appointment with an experienced Dental Implant Dentist today.

What is a fixed bridge?

If you're considering fixed bridge dental surgery, here are a few facts you should know:

- Dentures are usually held in the mouth by a type of adhesive and can be removed.
- A fixed bridge is a type of denture that is supported by an implant system.
- It's custom-made to attach to your bone.
- It blends in naturally with your real teeth, and cannot be removed.

We offer a $50 consultation, so we can help you decide if fixed bridge dental surgery is right for you. This consultation includes a 3-D X-ray of your mouth, which will show a detailed map of the inside of your mouth.

Schedule your consultation with a Dental Implant Dentist in Norton Shores, MI today.

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